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Actividad acreditada con 4.8 créditos por la Comisión de Formación Continuada de la Comunidad Valenciana con el nº: 160039160001A

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3rd EAC 2016, why would you come?

We have just arrived back from Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London. The Pre-Congress Course on current concepts in airway management organized by EAMS has been a successful event where excellent faculties updated our knowledge and skills in airway management

The annual meeting of EAMS 2016 in Valencia, Spain, the 3rd EAMS European Airway Congress (EAC) will be the right place to complete the above mentioned thoughts and expectations.

The planned “workshops” will start with clinical scenarios where our experts will offer you some tips and advice on how to solve difficulties with different approaches to manage the airway, applications of a variety of devices and techniques to establish a patent airway having patient safety always in our mind.

Furthermore, the limited number of conference participants in every WS ensures real interaction with experts and small group learning opportunities to deepen your knowledge and skills in airway management at the highest international levels.

You will not attend the usual lectures; we want the experts to provide their personal experience and how they make the decisions either in daily busy clinical situations and also in the most complex experiences in airway management whilst following the most recent scientific evidence. A special select group of experts invited to teach at this conference will delight you with their competence in teaching and simplicity to pass on their experience.

We also invite a submission of abstracts for the conference. All accepted abstracts will be present during poster sessions and all these abstracts will be published in the peer reviewed journal of EAMS - Trends in Anaesthesia and Critical Care. The best presenter will win the EAMS poster prize 2016. The six best of the best abstracts will compete in an oral presentation to win the EAMS 2016 best oral presentation prize.

The most suitable airway management devices will be present and be sure you will find the latest novelties that manufacturers have developed in the industry exhibition.

And much more: Valencia is an exciting mediterranean city offering worldwide recognized architecture, excellent food and wine in their restaurants and where you can enjoy a relaxing stroll on the beach even in December on a  sunny weekend.

We are looking forward to welcoming you for a delightful weekend.

Customize your own airway congress!!

Join us in Valencia for the 3rd EAC 2016.

Créditos de Formación Continuada

Actividad acreditada con 4.8 créditos por la Comisión de Formación Continuada de la Comunidad Valenciana con el nº: 160039160001A
Créditos de Formación Continuada
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